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Chateau de Chambord


Questions : Loire Châteaux and tourism in Loire Valley.


Which castles are the most famous ?
The most famous and popular châteaux are Chambord, a majestic palace with 426 rooms... and Chenonceau, a château built upon the Cher River (tributary of the Loire).

Which château should I visit for my next trip in Loire Valley ? Do you have any suggestion ?
Please consult our selection of châteaux or discover our partners !

Shall we talk about "châteaux of the Loire" or "Loire Castles" ?
The current French expression is "châteaux de la Loire". And we often talk about "châteaux of the Loire Valley" in english. The word "castle" reminds us the "fortified castles" build in England. But the French châteaux built in the heart of France at the beginning of the 16th century were more like Italian palaces built for pleasure, not for wars. We sometimes find the word "chateaus" in the plural but our "châteaux" are like "bateaux" (boats) or "gâteaux" (cakes), they are always written with an "x" at the end, but never with "s" !


I need more information and documentation, could you help me ?
If you have any other question or request, please go to the following link and see our list of French Tourist Boards located in Loire Valley.

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